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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Mech 2 Legs

Mech 2's legs had to be tracks, any mobile fortress would be very heavy and the best thing to balance weight is to divide it across the mass of the unit, that's why tank tracks work best for this particular unit.

Mech 2 Hull

the hull shape had to be solid like a fortress, I attempted to design something that would be ridged but stable at the same time. I used a combernation of these images and the castle images from the Head designs.

as you can see the design has a very defencive look to it, having the guns mounted over the top and having a heavy plate on the front.

Mech 2 Weapon

I wanted to create a short range attack weapon for Mech 2, this is because it has the extra armor and strength to handle a short range battle and because of its strong pillbox appearance i wanted to keep the theme the same.

I wanted to create a barrel chain gun because of the design restrictions, a normal gun with a cartridge would be able to fire at medium to long range but a chain barrel gun has a slight medium range but is best used at close range due to the scattering of bullets.

Mech 2 Head

This mech i wanted to seem strong and pillbox like so i decided to look into castles and other such fortifications

i decided on this design because it has them pillbox holes on it as well as the solid triangular shape

It's a bit more rounded than before bust still has a solid shape.

Mech1 legs

Here i wanted to use the images of Insects with a mechanical alternitive they had to look asif they can support sufficiant weight while still having valves and pistons.

my final design looked the part and was thin enough to fit a few of them together.